Space – now available in 3D!

A Fujifilm 3D camera is brought by the European Space Agency (ESA) into outer space to create superb 3D images and stunning 3D movies – recording a new dimension to the final frontier

April 25, 2011 — Fujifilm’s 3D camera took to the skies on December 15th 2010 in the Russian spacecraft Soyuz 25S, destination International Space Station, outer space. The Fujifilm 3D camera is a valuable part of ESA astronaut space kit on his scientific mission to complete an intensive program of experiments, ranging from radiation monitoring to oil recovery.

FinePix REAL 3D W1

The European Space Agency realizes the importance of capturing realistic images of the International Space Station and is using Fujifilm’s W1 3D camera to document true-to-life views of the International Space Station inside and out. These images are in fact transmitted to the ground via the station’s data communication system. Thanks to Fujifilm’s 3D camera earthlings can now see space in a third dimension as if through the eyes of astronaut himself.

The current mission of an ESA astronaut to the International Space Station (named MAGISSTRA) concludes in May 2011, after which time the Fujifilm 3D camera will remain on board the International Space Station. The Fujifilm 3D camera allows astronauts to document their mission and to reveal Space to people on Earth in all its third dimension glory.
Please consult the ESA web site for more information on the MAGISSTRA mission:

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